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One Life One Choice pioneers a world-first, chapter-by-chapter strategy to breathe life into classrooms, cultivating a passion for reading and broadening student experiences. Our mission is to ignite minds, nurture hearts, and enrich futures through comprehensive literacy and values-based education.
About Us

Transforming Tragedy into Advocacy for Safer Futures

One Life One Choice is dedicated to transforming personal sorrow into a powerful force for change, advocating for awareness and prevention to ensure no family endures the pain that the Bridge family experienced.

“One Life. One Choice.” is a poignant and impactful novel that narrates the tragic consequences of a single decision, highlighting the ripple effect it has on numerous lives. Penned by Preston’s father, the story unfolds in Perth, Western Australia, illuminating the dangers of a synthetic hallucinogen purchased from the dark web. As the narrative unfolds, it becomes a gripping account of a father’s relentless quest for justice and a mission to dismantle an international illegal drug network. 

Accepted into schools nationwide, the novel addresses crucial issues affecting today’s youth, including peer pressure, bullying, racism, and substance use. Beyond the narrative, it encourages open discussions about sensitive topics like suicide and organ donation. “One Life. One Choice.” is a call to action, aiming to empower young readers to make informed decisions and generate meaningful conversations within their communities. It stands as a unique opportunity for parents, guardians, carers, and educators to address sensitive youth-centric issues through reading and discussion, fostering positive change. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to contribute to a brighter, more informed future for our youth.

Our Mission

Transforming Tragedy into Advocacy for Safer Futures

Empower, Educate, Eradicate

One Life One Choice strives to empower communities through education, aiming to eradicate the dangers of illicit substance use by fostering awareness and resilience.

Inspire Awareness, Spark Conversations

One Life One Choice aims to inspire awareness and ignite conversations about substance use among parents, teachers, and youth, fostering understanding and collaboration to create safer communities.

Championing Youth Safety Through Awareness

One Life One Choice is dedicated to championing youth safety by raising awareness about the impact and dangers of drug use, fostering open conversations, and implementing educational programs for a safer and healthier future.

Transforming Tragedy into Advocacy, One Family's Quest


One Life One Choice

Game Plan

The Sideffect GamePlan experience brings an innovative online program to students, educators and parent / carers. The program builds upon best practices in drug and alcohol education by integrating game theory and design into content delivery. Sideffect Game Plan delivers a powerful experience to students providing them essential tools to quickly and easily make informed decisions about drugs and alcohol.

One Life One Choice

This engaging true story will take students on a journey of a young teen’s life and how the boy’s father finds himself at the centre of a dangerous sting operation to expose Asia’s drug manufacturing and distribution network.

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